Mention policy

When using official information and quoting participants in the Technoprom 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Event), the Event and the source of the information, organizers and co-organizers should be mentioned in the materials.

During the interview of individuals and officials, media representatives must inform them that audio or video or camera recording is being conducted and photos are being taken;

Radio/Television — any report or interview recorded on the Event premises must mention the Event (text or emblem/logo).

Printed media/Internet publications — any article or interview written during the Event and/or pursuant to the Event must mention it (text or emblem/logo).

Photos — any photos taken on the Event premises must mention the Event in the image or in the caption (text or emblem/logo).

Blogs/social networks — using the official information received while participating in the Event or quoting statements by Event participants, the finished materials posted on the Internet (in blogs, on social networks, etc.) must contain established facts and mention the event (text or emblem/logo).

The Event’s organizers are not responsible for the statements made in blogs and on social networks. The organizers reserve the right to use the articles, photos and videos received or created by media representatives during preparations or holding of the event with reference to the authors of those materials.