for the International Forum of Technological Development

1. Forum name:

“An era of technological change: A time for new victories (achievements)”

The name of the forum reflects the current global economic agenda. The period after the financial crisis has already attained the stable definition of being an “era of change”. This term was used at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It was also reflected in the main theme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum “Building trust in an era of change”.

The development of this theme in the framework of "Technoprom-2014" is linked with search of the opportunities for realizing the potential of structural reforms.

Forum participants will answer the key question: "How to gain leadership in a global changing environment."

2. Forum dates:

June 5 – 6, 2014.

3. Forum Venue:

“Novosibirsk Expo-center”, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.

4. Forum Goal:

To create an international discussion platform for the debate of issues involving the transition to the sixth technological structure through active developments in science, technology, engineering, progressive economic models providing technological leadership.

5. Forum Objectives:

5.1. The Forum as a discussion platform:

To organize high-level discussion platforms of various types and directions, where the presence of various, sometimes conflicting, concepts from qualified professionals of different opinions will help to identify the trends and important issues in modern scientific development and industrial production, as well as key principals in the interaction between different kinds of administrative, business, and scientific structures.

The part of the agenda for discussion at the Forum are the topics of: the primary areas encouraging development in science and technology, large-scale high-tech projects and programs, main problems and advancements in the development of modern knowledge structure and technological development infrastructure, and issues involving the stimulation of high-tech entrepreneurship.

Key performance indicator 1: the formulation of resolution following the forum.

5.2. The Forum as a communication platform:

The Forum aims to create a space for communication in the form of various sites encouraging direct interaction between researchers, inventors, production specialists, managers, and investors.

The Forum site will create new and strengthen existing strategic alliances (partnerships) between scientists, designers, production specialists, investors, institutions of development, the expert community, heads of state, and municipal authorities.

Key performance indicator 2: meeting the target number of Forum participants per section of target audience.

5.3. The Forum as an exhibition platform:

To show the most promising projects and technologies of an international level, aimed at different areas of expertise. Thanks to exposure provided at the Forum, participants will be able to acquaint themselves with a wide range of achievements grouped in the category of invoking the sixth technological structure.

During the Forum, an international exhibition of the most promising high-tech development projects will be held. The latest developments will be showcased, the introduction of which will significantly alter the technological base in the areas of industry and services.

Key performance indicator 3: number of exhibitors.

5.4. The Forum as an investment (affiliate forming) platform:

To ensure effective communication between potential development partners and investors with the opportunity for “direct” communication with venture capitalists.

Developers will have the unique opportunity to not only discuss possible areas for cooperation with investors, but also to organize primary “road-shows” of their projects.

Potential partners will be able to sign agreements, memoranda, and joint action plans.

Key performance indicator 4: the volume of reached agreements.

5.5 The Forum as a platform to increase competence:

To ensure the securing of a high position in peer reviews on the New Industrial Revolution, a phenomenon occurring in recent years, based on the modern revival of the domestic industry and employment in real industrial production (not only in the service sector).

A special range of activities will be aimed at increasing the level of modern business competencies as related to the development of effective strategies and tactics for the growth of companies in the industrial sector, increasing competencies in the process of innovation: from businessmen to young scientists, in universities and innovation infrastructure.

Key performance indicator 5: satisfaction of the forum participants from the acquisition of new competencies.

6. Forum Agenda:

6.1. “TECHNOPROM-2013”

In November 2013, the first International forum for technological development “TECHNOPROM-2013” was held. Its main agenda was devoted to the transition of the global economy to a new technology wave (“the sixth technology wave”).

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, major development institutions, and public companies and corporations. It was also attended by leading Russian and foreign scientists, managers, and specialists from high-tech enterprises.

The main results from “TECHNOPROM-2013” were:

the signing of agreements on the implementation of venture capital investment for innovative projects in the Novosibirsk region (under the auspices of the Russian Venture Capital Association) and private equity (with JSC VTB Bank);

the signing of agreements on the cooperation and implementation of joint projects, including the development of new materials, work on the CubSat micro-satellites, cooperation in the field of aviation, aircraft engines, nuclear technologies, precision manufacturing, railways, etc.;

the signing of agreements on cooperation in the training of experts in the field of innovation and technology management;

the formulation of proposals involving meeting priority deadlines to achieve global technological leadership of the Russian economy;

the formulation of a system projects list (formation done by the Siberian branch of the RAS) aimed at the development of high technologies, including cell technologies, technologies for finding hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic region of Siberia, the accelerated establishment and development of engineering structures, and the formulation of prototyping centers equipped with necessary infrastructure and capable of provisions for revision, printing, and support of domestic technologies.

The conclusion of commercial transactions involving the sale of technological solutions for large business entities (projects developed in business incubators and industrial parks).

The forum demonstrated its viability and effectiveness.

6.2. “TECHNOPROM-2014”

The International forum for technological development “TECHNOPROM” occupies a position of holding a discussion and communication platform at a national level, where stakeholders are involved in the formulation of visions and developing concrete proposals and solutions in the achievement of the technological leadership of the Russian economy.

The business program of the forum will be implemented in the context of three discussion panels:

  • Technological trends;
  • The technological environment: infrastructure and institutions;
  • Effective High-Tech coalitions (centers, clusters, technology platforms, special economic zones, etc.).

Special units are planned for the Summit dedicated to GLONASS in areas of "Space Technology" and "Geo-information and navigation technology."

The VIII Siberian Venture market and a number of special events are integrated in the Forum’s program.

Forum participants will:

Discuss topics relevant to the level of calls for development in not only science and technology, but also industrial production, to create models for the formulation and development of general-purpose technologies: from their development to the motion of new markets.

Conduct analysis of the allocated priorities, activities from institutions and instruments of scientific and technological development and the promotion of technology, which cannot function without creating conditions for the formation of a spirit for innovation in society, and a focus on technological innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Identify additional areas of active growth in the scientific-technological environment as centers of technological development, effective forms of science and industry coalitions, the best practices in innovations, new infrastructure, market and technological challenges, and barriers to successful implementation of ideas and strategic solutions.

Discuss existing, promising, and the most effective business models in the Russian and global high-tech markets; the achievement of venture capital investments “success stories” from companies in various sectors of the priority areas of technology; discuss the competence of potential investors in the field of innovation.

Formulate proposals on the necessary competencies for complex technological entrepreneurship, leadership principals, and conditions for the creation of effective teams.

The discussion format of the Forum is traditionally built on a combination of topics related to the development of breakthrough technologies and the conditions of technological breakthrough that are found by “Technoforum-2014” to be useful in the creation of effective partnership and relations between the governmental, scientific, education, industry, and business spheres.

The main topics for discussion within “Technoprom” are in the areas such as bio- and IT-technologies, alternative energy, new materials, updated technology and market innovations based on the domestic GLONASS system, the establishment of growth points, and favorable conditions for the promotion of innovation in the economy, including the establishment and development of engineering structures, prototyping centers, and outsourcing centers.

A “cross section” is planned, consisting of speakers put together chosen from the entire pool of TECHNOPROM speakers. Discussions are also planned on such important topics as the development of training business professionals within the “triple helix” model—comprising of universities, enterprises, and state, strengthening communication and cooperation between the academic, university, industry sectors of scientific organizations, research, and industrial structures.

7. Target Audience of the Forum (and motivation to participate):

7.1. scientists and researchers:

Participation in decision-making for scientific, technological, and innovation policies;

The formulation of conceptual visions necessary for decision-making in scientific, technological, and innovation policies;

The ability to present their own achievements in research activities;

The ability to meet with potential customers (business and high-tech venture capitalists).

7.2. high-tech entrepreneurs:

Participation in the formulation of custom innovations, in the development of proposals and solutions to scientific technological, educational, and innovation policies;

The ability to meet with potential suppliers of new technological solutions (scientists, researchers, and designers);

The ability to meet with potential investors in wildcat schemes (venture capitalists).

7.3. venture capitalists:

The ability to become familiar with prospective investment projects (with scientists and high-tech entrepreneurs);

The ability to establish partnerships with the high-tech industry;

7.4. representatives of state and municipal authorities:

“Direct dialog” with key actors in the wider local and global technological market;

The development of the integration of inter-regional relations in the sphere of economy based knowledge;

The ability to access schedules and forecasts for socio-economic development in specific territories, also parameters and growth opportunities for GRP.

8. Organizational Partners of the Forum:

8.1. The Government of the Russian Federation, including the Military-Industrial Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation;

8.2. The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;

8.3. The Russian Academy of Sciences;

8.4. The Technological Development Fund;

8.5. The Russian Science Foundation;

8.6. The Federal Space Agency;

8.7. TheFederal Agency of Scientific Organizations.

9. Strategic Partners of the Forum:

9.1. The Agency of strategic initiatives in the promotion of new projects;

9.2. The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia;

9.3. The Association of technical universities in Russia;

9.4. The Russian Venture Capital Association;

9.5. The Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

9.6. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation;

9.7. JSC "Academician M.F. Reshetnev "Information Satellite System"

10. Expected outcome of the Forum:

Key findings and solutions of the Forum should confirm that Russia has entered the breakthrough technologies phase.

The effective solutions will be offered towards the development of the unified information and navigation space based on GLONASS, including the pilot region territory.

The integration projects results on designing and manufacturing of space vehicles of the global navigation satellite system GLONASS, including ground control will be introduced.

The new scientific and technological monitoring system and technology development forecast, including the use of benchmarking tools will be developed.

The development of a new system of scientific and technological monitoring and forecasting for the development of technology, including the use of benchmarking tools.

Proposals will be prepared towards the creation of system-forming models in areas involving the formulation of advanced innovation development in centers of breakthrough technology and engineering.

Pilot regions of Russia will present proposals for the creation and development of parks and special areas to be used for the transformation of technology (dual use).

There will be drafts to establish international centers towards cooperation in science, education, and business in the interests of economic transition to the sixth technology wave.