Sergey Menyaylo

Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District

Dear participants and organizers of the VII International Forum of Technological Development TECHNOPROM-2019!

The President of the Russian Federation has specified key state priorities, particularly, accelerated scientific and technological development as well as extension of international cooperation. To this end, national projects in “Science”, “Education”, “International Cooperation and Export” and other areas are implemented. Important government decisions on development of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and implementation of several world-class scientific projects within the territory of Siberia have been made.

Complicated, yet quite realistic tasks have been set for the scientific community and the industry. Achievements of the Russian defense industry prove that we can focus on the set goals, overcome problems and succeed even in complicated international and macroeconomic conditions.

Within the framework of the Forum we shall discuss strategic areas for increasing competitiveness of Russian science and industry, share experience in effective forms of cooperation in science, innovations, technology and education, offer solutions for increasing the investment attractiveness of research and development (R&D) as well as promotion of scientific and technological activities.

Platform of the TECHNOPROM Forum is quite perfect for effective dialogue between the representatives of science and education, hi-tech business and development institutions, government and management bodies.

I wish participants of the Forum creative work, interested communication and practical results of scientific and technological development of Russia!

Andrey Travnikov

Governor of the Novosibirsk Region

Dear colleagues and partners!

I am glad to welcome participants of the TECHNOPROM-2019 International Forum of Technological Development, which takes place in Novosibirsk for the seventh time. The place for carrying out the largest event in the sphere of science and technologies was not coincidental: it is the Novosibirsk Region where synergy of science and production in transformational processes is particularly noticeable. Our region is among the leaders in the rate of implementing new technologies and we have clear demand for innovative solutions.

Key topic of VII International Forum of Technological Development TECHNOPROM-2019 is “Science of New Era: Transformation Technologies”. The world faces fundamental technological changes. It is clear that the leading position on the market will be taken by companies with acquired technologies, skills and experience. They become the major source for development. Global competition tends to move to the sphere of science, technologies and education.

Last year, at the TECHNOPROM-2018 Forum V.V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation said: “We have placed the scientific and technological breakthrough among our key national goals and priorities. I’m confident that we can make it by uniting efforts of the state, businesses, scientific and educational society, and widening freedom for initiative and creativity of our people”. And today, the Forum shall become the effective venue for discussing national projects as their implementation is directly related to scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation and enhancing of international cooperation. Interaction between science and business shall be the key condition for scientific and technological transformation. All processes in the country shall be organized at a fundamentally new level on the basis of innovative solutions.

Now, it is time for bold initiatives, for creating businesses and production facilities, for promoting new products and services. And the wave of technological development helps to grow and win the markets very quickly. Annual exhibition shall show specific practical results, developed globally competitive products and advanced technologies.

I would like to point out that both the Forum and the exhibition are international events. We receive foreign delegations that are interested in both purchase of our technological solutions, products and long-term cooperation on development of knowledge intensive technologies.

I invite heads and personnel of industrial facilities, educational and scientific research institutions and all those who are involved in hi-tech production to take part in the Forum.

See you at the Forum!