1. About forum:

The forum "Technoprom" is the key international business platform in discussion and development of offers on definition of the strategic priorities of a state policy providing conditions of global technological leadership of Russia.

In difficult modern economic conditions and the international relations it is necessary to set strategic objectives and tasks of technological development of regions and the country in general.

There comes the time when the agenda of technological development becomes the base of social and economic policy of the country, growth of welfare in Russia, increase of its competitiveness and safety.

Scientific technological support of the solution of strategic problems of the Russian Federation in the Arctic will become the main agenda of the forum in 2016.

Also within the forum a discussion of the main directions of long-term development of the national scientific and technological sphere will take place.  

2. Dates:

9 – June 10, 2016.

3. Location:

Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, "Expocentre Novosibirsk".

3. Location:

Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, "Expocentre Novosibirsk"

4. Purpose:

Development of offers on scientific technological support of the solution of strategic problems of the Russian Federation in the Arctic zone by formation of strategic communications between authorities, science, business, technological business, institutes of development and expert community.

5. Problems:

5.1. Forum as an "institute of development": creation of conditions attractive for investments into innovative industrial technologies and stimulation of demand for their introduction.

5.2. Forum as a "think-tank": development of the strategic initiatives focused on achievement of global technological leadership of the Russian economy.

5.3. Forum as a "communication platform": formation of strategic communications between the state, science, business and investment community.

5.4. Forum as an "exposition of new technologies": an exposition of the latest developments in science and technologies, examples of successful technological business.

5.5. Forum as a "platform for development of technological competences": an opportunity for the participants to gain new knowledge, to get acquainted with the famous experts and their opinion, to attend lectures and master classes. To get acquainted with an exposition, with stories of success.

6. Agenda of a forum:

Development of the Arctic zone of Russian Federation is one of strategic problems of Strategy of national security and the Concept of long-term social and economic development of Russia.

At the same time the problems of the state Arctic policy are determined by the appropriate state program of Russian Federation. They include providing a sustainable development of the Arctic territories, complex development of transport infrastructure, improvement of quality of life of the people of Far North, etc.

The solution of the specified tasks demands providing with the best available and innovative technologies. Formation of the modern design teams including experts, venture investors, technological businessmen, research universities and the scientific organizations is necessary.

Within Technoprom-2016 discussion of the main calls and directions of scientific technological support of the solution of strategic problems of the Russian Federation in the Arctic will take place.

Debatable events of the Arctic agenda of the forum will take place in format of "brain storms" and will be devoted to such questions as: use of technologies of exploration and production of minerals, the accelerated adaptation of the person to climate features, new designs and materials, development of the Northern Sea Route, etc.

At the same time, with the agenda of development of the Arctic zone of Russian Federation a discussion of main directions of realization of Strategy of scientific and technological development of Russian Federation for the period till 2035 will take place.

Also there will take place a discussion of questions of development of the advanced technologies of world level, creation of the most comfortable conditions of innovative, scientific and technological development and forecasting, including - cluster policy, tendencies of development of science, role of institutes of development, experience of science and technology parks. A specific place will be held by the presentation of road maps of the National technological initiative.

There planned a discussion of development and deployment of new industrial, convergent and electronic beam technologies which are capable to provide national competitiveness and to change the world during the next period.

A number of additional events will allow to discuss in a complex roles of the banking sector, higher education institutions and regions in technological development of the country, to discuss programs of innovative development of state corporations, the forecast of scientific and technological development of Russia. It is planned to consider the presentation of the course of implementation of the program of reindustrialization of economy of the Novosibirsk region.

The format of the forum includes three main components:

• Congress part - debatable actions.

• National exhibition - presents the best achievements of the Russian scientists and businessmen are presented,

• The Siberian venture fair - within which technologists present the developments to strategic partners and private investors. This year the Siberian venture fair is Anniversary – the Tenth. Interaction subjects with the investors at forum are formed together with the Russian Association of Venture Investment (RAVI) - the long-term partner of the Novosibirsk region in formation of culture of venture business.

7. Debatable panels:

7.1. Arctic: tasks and priorities;

7.2. New technologies;

7.3. Science of 2035;

7.4. NTI (national technological initiative);

7.5. Leaders of a scientific and technological revolution.

8. Target audience:

8.1. Leading Russian researchers and scientists;

8.2. Representatives of the industrial enterprises;

8.3. Technological businessmen;

8.4. Venture and technological investors;

8.5. Representatives of the sphere of training.

9. Partners of forum:

Government of the Russian Federation;

Russian Academy of Sciences and Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science;

Fund of perspective researches;

Russian scientific fund;

JSC Russian Venture Company;

Research institute "Higher School of Economics";  

Association of clusters and science and technology parks;

Russian association of venture investment.

10. The expected results:

Recommendations to the Government of the Russian Federation "About Strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation for the long-term period.

Offers on development of "The program of reindustrialization of economy of the Novosibirsk region".

Recommendations about development of system of training for the Arctic.

Signing of agreements, establishment of contacts.

Selection of the best venture projects.

Presentation of capacity of the region and Russia.