At Technoprom-2018 Forum, the implementation and distribution of “smart technologies” in the cities was discussed

A round table entitled “Novosibirsk.  Digital economy of smart city” was attended by the mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, the representatives of RAS institutes and companies specialized in the development and use of intellectual technologies.

The mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, highlighted the main theme of this meeting, an opportunity to use scientific developments in the urban economy. The mayor also noted that today there are good examples of already used solutions: “The assembly of a series of “smart installations” has been started.  I’d like these installations to be regarded not as a marvel that everyone wants to look at, but as a usual thing making everyday life more convenient.” Moreover, Anatoly Lokot told about the introduction of modern technologies to the traffic control system and emphasized: “Road infrastructures represent a very important task. It has been repeatedly discussed that we cannot do without the automation of traffic distribution and optimization of traffic light management.”

The head of the Department of Production, Innovations and Business in the City Administration of Novosibirsk, Alexander Lyulko, added that an informational platform, web-site “We-Novosibirsk”, allows everyone to ask questions to any official and mandatorily get a prompt answer.

The Managing Director of IVoice Technology, Andrey Zavorin, presented a project aimed at the design of utilities in cooperation with the clients on the basis of artificial intelligence, voice recognition service and their application in healthcare facilities.

The speakers also discussed the safety issues, garbage problems and traffic flow regulation. The director of Softline’s project office, Igor Kanatchenko, showed the options to improve the traffic conditions, and the director of the Institute of Thermal Physics of the SB RAS, Sergey Alekseenko, presented the system of waste disposal, heat and electricity generation after garbage incineration.

 In the end of round table, the chairman of Siberian Branch of RAS, academician Alexander Aseev, emphasized that a huge progress in the promotion, creation and development of intellectual technologies was made and noted that the presented projects referred to almost every problem of the modern city. He offered to create a permanent body of city administration, which could regulate a flow of offers in that field.