During Technoprom-2018, the priority tasks of social and economic development of Novosibirsk Region until 2030 were discussed

During strategic session entitled “Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Novosibirsk Region until 2030”, the key directions and priorities of the development of Novosibirsk Region were discussed. The representatives of federal, regional and municipal public authorities, leading experts, members of the public, branch enterprises took part in the discussion.

The interim First Deputy of the Chairman of the Government of Novosibirsk Region, Vladimir Znatokov, said that the strategy of social and economic development of Novosibirsk Region until 2030 was launched in December 2017. According to him, the strategy contains three key priorities: human capital development, competitive economy development and creation of comfort and safe environment.

During the discussion, the president of the Siberian Transport University, Aleksey Manakov, added that he considered the integration of research projects and development of conurbation resettlement to be the key priority initiatives of “Akademgorodok 2.0”.

According to the director of State Public Institution of Healthcare of Novosibirsk Region “Regional Center for Preventive Medicine”, Marina Fomicheva, the achievement of priority targets provided for in the strategy will contribute to the improvement of quality of life and strengthening of public health. “Target achievement and problem solving will lead to the preservation and strengthening of public health, gaining of longevity, improvement of population life quality, achieving high standards of wellness and social well-being in the society”, she said.