Vladimir Gorodetsky: “At the Technoprom Forum, the new economic development objectives of the region were established.”

On June 28, the first plenary meeting of the new Public Chamber Sixth Membership of the Novosibirsk Region was held in Novosibirsk. In the large regional administration hall, Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky opened the event by extending his greetings to the public and respected guests.

Vladimir Gorodetsky expressed his thanks for the constructive work of the members of the preceding chamber, and outlined new ways of improving joint work with members of the Public Chamber Sixth Membership. The Governor noted that for 10 years already, the Public Chamber Institute has gained and continues to gain experience operating in Russia, and that its phased improvement is apparent. Thanks to the active participation of the public chambers in various regions of the Russian Federation, a public control system has been established and a civil dialogue opened.

According to Mr. Gorodetsky, the public chamber of our region was initially established as a leading civil society institution that united activists from both municipal and city districts.

In his welcoming speech, the Governor also noted the achievements of the Technoprom Forum, on which the agenda for the economic development of the whole region was based. “Under our current living conditions, we have other tasks confronting us,” said Vladimir Gorodetsky. He continued, “This is not only limited to public projects, but also touches on issues in the economic sphere. I would like to emphasize the successful work of the recently held Technoprom Forum, which managed to set new tasks for the economic development of the region. It is necessary not only to provide scientific and technical breakthrough, but also to maintain it, as well as continue developing it in the future. And the only way we can develop the region is through economic growth!”