The first-year experience of the Novosibirsk Regional Economic Reindustrialization Program will be discussed at the Forum Technoprom-2017

The regional agenda of re-industrialization will be discussed at the International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2017. The current topics of the upcoming forum were discussed on June 8 at a round table that was held at the Komsomolskaya Pravda editorial office (Novosibirsk).

Aide to the Governor for Education, Science and Innovation, Marina Ananich, explained, why the slogan “Perspective of Leadership: Make in Russia!” was chosen for the Forum anniversary.

“This is not accidental, and was chosen to demonstrate that active leadership qualities are extremely important in matters of technological development. In the 21st century, those who are quick and courageous to act, not slow, are the winners,” she stressed.

Marina Ananich noted that within the framework of the Technoprom-2017 plenary session, the theme “Make in Russia” will be discussed from the point of view of the regional agenda, including with regards to the issues of reindustrialization. “The program for the economic reindustrialization of the Novosibirsk Region has been actively discussed in the past years. In 2015, the project for the implementation of the program was presented; in 2016, the program itself, and this year, we can already talk about the first successes: 8 flagship projects of our program were supported at the federal level and approved by the working group of the Government of the Russian Federation. When an idea is discussed at Technoprom and then successfully implemented in the synergetic space of innovations, this clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the forum,” said Marina Ananich with confidence.

The delegates, who spoke at the round table, including experts, representatives of the flagship projects of the Program for Reindustrialization, General Director of Angioline Andrey Kudryashov and Deputy Commercial Director of Eltex Igor Podolyanchenko noted the importance of moving flagship projects to the level of federal decisions. This allows bringing views on the current implementation of projects, topical tasks and problems that need to be addressed to the attention of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Another important aspect of the forum this year is development of proposals to improve the competitiveness of the Russian economy in the conditions of the “new industrial revolution”. This includes, inter alia, new challenges of import substitution in traditional markets and entry to the foreign markets of high-tech products.

As Regional Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Business Development, Vadim Vasiliev, noted, the Novosibirsk Region has a set of state support measures in this direction. “The event plan approved by the Government of the Region in August 2016 to promote import substitution in the economy comprises 45 projects that are at various stages of implementation. The total amount of required investment is RUB 63.7 billion; the projected level of state support is 14.2 billion RUB from all budget levels. According to the 2016 results, the state support from the regional budget for the implementation of projects amounted to RUB 829 million,” Vadim Vasiliev explained.

The participants of the round table exchanged views on the current developments and prospects for further implementation of the flagship projects of the Novosibirsk Regional Economic Reindustrialization Program and the tasks of import substitution of high-tech products, expressing confidence that the upcoming Forum Technoprom-2017 will become the important platform, where approaches to ensuring the leadership of Russia in the field of technology will be crafted.