Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia at the TECHNOPROM forum and exhibition

During VII International Forum and Exhibition of Technological Development Technoprom-2019, the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia will participate in the meeting on the transfer of military-industrial complex technologies where the following issues will be discussed: the role and the place of technology parks in the military-industrial complex, science and regional industry; formation of double-purpose clusters; the prospects of reindustrialization of Siberian industrial regions taking the diversification of the military-industrial complex into account. The participants of the discussion will include representatives of: the Council of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, Roscosmos, regional authorities, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Director of the Association Andrey Shpilenko will be the moderator of two round tables: “On National Projects: ‘International Cooperation and Export’ and ‘Science’” as well as “On National Projects: ‘Small and Medium Business’” that will take place on 18 and 19 of September respectively.

Export of competitive industrial products is one of the main driving forces of sustainable economic development. The “International Cooperation and Export” national project provides for a number of activities aimed at increasing the volume of non-resource, non-energy products (up to $250 billion), as well as increasing the share of export of the agricultural, processing sector and the service sector products in the gross domestic product of the country (up to 20%).

It is necessary to implement the best available technologies to increase the competitiveness of products by Russian enterprises in order to increase the volume of export in machine building industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. However, the competitiveness of export products is ensured not only at the stage of production but at all subsequent stages of the life cycle, including the entry into foreign markets and maintaining the positions there.

Projects aimed at creating and developing the manufacture of high technology products with high added value are particularly important for the increase in non-resource export. A number of measures including the creation of world-class research and educational centers and agricultural, biological and technological parks are being adopted to provide Russian industry with modern technology within the framework of the “Science” National Project.

In this regard, the participants of the “International Cooperation and Export” and “Science” round table will discuss the following issues:

  • Which market segments are the most promising for Russian exporters of high technology products?
  • Which export support measures of the national project are most effectively implemented?
  • Which best regional practices of high technology export can be used during the implementation of the national project?
  • How can industrial enterprises participate in the creation and operation of research and educational centers?
  • Which barriers should be eliminated to realize the export potential of Russian high technology enterprises?

At the moment, the “Small and Medium Business and Support for Individual Business Initiative” National Project is the most important means of government support for small and medium businesses.

The main objective of the “Small and Medium Business” National Project is to increase the access of small and medium business entities to financial resources including concessionary financing. Via the National Project the government determines the prioritized investment projects to provide targeted support (mainly, in the area of high technology innovative production facilities). The “Small and Medium Business” National Project is intended to provide an entrepreneur with necessary support measures at every stage of business development life cycle: from the emergence of the idea of starting a business to implementation of projects in individual industries and business expansion for export access.
At the moment, regions are introducing a number of measures aimed at implementing the “Small and Medium Business” National Project, however, not all measures are implemented with equal effectiveness. To achieve the objectives set in the “Small and Medium Business” National Project, structural changes of the role of small and medium business should take place in the Russian economy. During the round table, the following issues shall be discussed:

  • Which support measures within the framework of the “Small and Medium Business” National Project are most effective in regions?
  • How to simplify the access of small and medium business entities to markets?
  • How to provide small and medium business entities with access to affordable loan-based funding?
  • How to popularize entrepreneurship among the populace including the youth?
  • Which infrastructure of support for small and medium businesses support is in the biggest demand among small and medium business entities in regions?
  • Can preferential taxation stimulate the increase in small and medium business entities?

In addition, the representatives of the Association are expected to join a business lunch with Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrey Travnikov and to participate in other events of the Technoprom-2019 program.


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